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What Is the Difference Between Hospice & Respite Care?

A senior woman with short gray hair holding a cane smiling with wrinkles around her eyes and mouth

Hospice care and respite care are two forms of typically short-term care. While they may have a few similarities, such as their short-term nature or the teams of professional caregivers, they are very different types of care. Respite care is a short-term care option, while hospice care is reserved for individuals whom doctors expect to […]

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Respite Care Guidelines: When Can it be Accessed?

a group of seniors socializing and laughing

Many people know that senior living communities offer beneficial care for older adults. However, they may not realize you don’t need to move into a community permanently to access its services and amenities.  Respite care offers temporary support for seniors, but when can someone access these services?  What Is Respite Care?  Respite care is a […]

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